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About us

We started Ready 4 Rentals about 6 years ago. A lot of our real estate clients had limited options when it came to renting out their condos. It was either pay 30-50% management fees or try and manage it themselves from far away. The rental companies charging the high rates were not renting out the properties to their full potential resulting in owners losing money each year on their investment. That's when we decided to start Ready 4 Rentals offering premium service to our clients for a fraction of the cost at 15% management fees. We found we could get much higher rates for our owners than what other companies were charging as well as many more bookings per year resulting in lots of happy clients. Our rentals tend to see a 10-15% CAP rate on their investment ex: a $500,000 condo typically makes $60-$70k a year on rental income. For more information, please contact us any time! 760-914-0625 or 760-914-4444

Management Fees

We pride ourselves in keeping our rental management fees low. We want our owners to make the money! Ready 4 Rentals charges 15% off the rental income only. We deduct our 15% commission from your rental income and transfer your income into your bank account by the 10th of each month for the month prior. You will also receive an itemized owners statement detailing each guest and their rental fees. VRBO charges the owner $499 a year to advertise. Airbnb is free. Both keep 3% off the total amount a guest pays.

Advertising & Marketing

Ready 4 Rentals advertises on VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and our own website, We take high quality professional photos and a virtual tour, along with providing a detailed description of your property. We earn top placement on these websites due to our robust property profiles and response times to guest inquiries – under 3 minutes! Jamie and Cynthia are full time Realtors in Mammoth and advertise our rental properties just as we would if we were listing them for sale.


Things do go wrong during guest stays – clogged toilets, chirping smoke detectors and appliances breaking just to name a few. We have a full time maintenace staff who can repair or replace items that break in the property.

Property Checks 

We Partner with Old Faithful Property Management to do thorough property checks before and after every guest. This ensures that when your guest arrives they will have no issues and come home to a warm and inviting condo. Once they check out, the Old Faithful team does a 30 point check to ensure all is well with your condo. 


Ready 4 Rentals responds to all guest inquiries immediately, answers all questions and offers advice on visiting Mammoth. Babysitting, ski rentals, fishing – we have our guests covered. We also handle any issues that arise during a guest’s stay, review the guest and seek reviews after check-out. We are a full, turn-key reservation company.

Nightly Rates

We use the top pricing company, Beyond Pricing, working closely with them on seeking the best and highest rates for our properties year round. They keep a pulse on supply and demand and constantly adjust the rates accordingly. 


Green Clean is a separate company that is owned by Tim and Jamie Kelly. Cleaning fees vary depending on the unit size and are charged to the guest per stay. Green Clean provides mini lotions, shampoos and conditioners. Owners supply toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, dish soap, dishwasher soap and hand soap. Ready 4 Rentals pays Green Clean monthly on your behalf.


Our laundry is done at Mammoth Lakes Laundromat. Depending on the size of your rental, we give you $50-$100 out of the cleaning rate to cover the cost of laundry. We require 3 sets of sheets per bed and 3 sets of towels for however many it sleeps so that the maids have a sufficient amount of bedding and towels between guests. 


We install a keyless front door lock and coded locks for all owners/supply closets. We can assist you with ordering and installing locks, too.


We recommend replacing wall heaters with more efficient ones that are controlled by “The Nest” to save money on your electricty bills. Owners stock their property with plenty of wood or pellets. Owners provide small firestarters that will be kept in the locked owners closet for the maids to distribute. 

Suggested Items

Hair dryers in all bathrooms. Extra warm blankets kept in the closets. Hand soap in each bathroom and kitchen. Cleaning supplies left under sink. Board games, deck of cards, Xbox or Playstation, TVs in all bedrooms, sleds, Pack n Play for babies, air mattress. Crock pot and rice cookers. Coffee maker, coffee, blender, toaster, tea kettle, fans, and sleds for kids. 

Town of Mammoth Lakes Tax and Compliance

Town of Mammoth Lakes requires all properties to obtain a Quality of Life inspection for $100 good for 5 years and pay the town $122 for a permit and license to rent. Ready 4 Rentals assists you with this process. 14% is due to the town by the 20th of every month for the month prior. Ready 4 Rentals pays this tax for you every month. The 14% is paid by the guest so it does not come off your rental income.

Ready 4 Rentals Management

We strive to offer premium quality customer service to our owners and guests. We pride ourselves on providing our guests everything they need to have a great vacation. We offer support and help setting up your rental so that it is well stocked and ready to make you the maximum amount of rental income per year! 



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